Frezzor Omega 3 Black helps prevent pregnancy gingivitis

Pregnant women often have swollen gums. This condition exists because the developing child is in need of free fatty acids. Nature always directs the nutritional needs to the fetus first. This can cause a deficiency in the pregnant mother so as to cause an inflammatory condition in the mouth called ” pregnancy gingivitis “.

Bio Available Omega 3 Frezzor GingivitisPregnancy gingivitis is a condition in the oral cavity of expecting mothers. It is characterized by mild to severe gum swelling. Often the gums bleed and tissue damage occurs.

Many health care providers consider this to be a normal event. It is not as bleeding gums is not normal and an expression of inflammation.

The probable cause is that Nature is redirecting a long chained free fatty acid called DHA to the developing fetus.

This inflammatory condition can be prevented by integrating brushing, flossing and taking Frezzor Omega 3 Black. This supplementation of wild, natural and bio-available omegas can restore the pregnant mothers gums to health.

Omega 3 Black is rare, unique and compelling as it also promotes the expecting mother to make more omegas for herself. Only the ingredients in Omega 3 Black can do this for the pregnant woman.

This medical advance is a wonderful consideration for pregnant women who want a healthy child and maintain health for herself.


Donald Newman DDS


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