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I am a self-professed Anti-Aging enthusiast. By day, I am a Dentist working in Boca Raton, however most of my life has been spent researching and testing the foods and environment that create negative effects on the body. We should live in our prime for as long as Nature and time intends. It is my belief that our highly processed foods and sedentary lifestyle is leading to the majority of ailments , and this is reversible with an understanding of our relationship to Nature.

My mission is to help you discover two things.

1. Which foods, supplements, devices, and lifestyles can best enhance the quality life?
2. How can I profit from the tremendous movement and advances in Anti-Aging Technology.

I am not unlike many people that are of the baby boomer generation. Like many of you… I grew up through the 1960’s and all of its emotional turmoil, unrest, anti-establishment morals, and experimentation. Many of us lived by the credo of the day “If it feels good Do It”.

Like most good Baby Boomers… I settled down, and started a profession. I have become a stable integral part of the oral health care community. I’ve run the same dental practice for roughly thirty years in a relatively affluent section of Boca Raton, FL.

Being a medical professional, I have had access to a mountain of literature and lectures. Observing my patients oral health issues demanded that I seek an alternative roadmap that they could follow. Unfortunately, though brushing and flossing is important, that mantra has failed too many in their quest for excellent oral health.

I began to learn about the holistic anti-aging movement. Here is an interesting and divergent group of people. Filled with passionate and intelligent scientists making real advances in the understanding of how our body works and how and why we age. This is a movement of such incredible diversity, and gems of wisdom, and pitfalls… that I have become a totally devoted enthusiast.
I’ve seen amazing improvements in my own personal health from intelligent choices that I have discovered as a result of this decade long study. I have invested literally tens of thousands of dollars in products – many of them with wonderful results – a good number that offered nothing but empty promises. To help fund this self admitted “obsessive quest for anti-aging and health” I’ve become involved in the distribution of only those products that have shown true results… using legitimate peer reviewed research, and my own body, as a testing ground and litmus test for what is real and what isn’t.
I am on a quest to live my life in great health and with robust gusto and exuberance.

I have several websites that promote those products that I have found are truly helpful on this quest… and on most there is opportunity for you to buy these actual products for yourself, and for you to sign up as distributors so that you can not only enjoy the benefits of good health, but use that good health to bring financial security to yourself.

This particular site is focused on the amazing benefits of FREZZOR, a new product line that spares no expense to deliver the finest ingredients in Natures perfect ratios. The FREZZOR Company has set the goal post of excellence so high that people will be excited to participate. The most exciting product line on the planet Earth!

Further, they grow their main ingredient… the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel in an environmentally stable aqua farm – making their product not only green, but incredibly environmentally sustainable. The waters are clean, and their food supply comes from algae.This environment has a thin ozone which demands a strong pigment of color to protect the algae called Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is considered to be the strongest anti-oxidant on the planet.

Of all the products I have researched and experimented, FREZZOR bio available Omega 3 is the most efficacious bio available omega 3 and the most well rounded delivery of health.

Is FREZZOR the final “end all” and “be all” superfood/supplement? Of course not. Science in this area is expanding and growing all the time. Our oceans and rainforests that we have so disregarded and abused for decades constantly offer up new and promising therapies. There are huge branches of scientists in laboratories around the world engaging on the same quest – to improve the quality of our lives through natural and sustainable products and therapies. This (FREZZOR) is the latest success and thrill in a long line of smashing successes in the maturity of Life Sciences, and Anti-Aging movement and science.

I hope that my personal investment in research and experimentation and distributorships helps you to discover the benefits of anti-aging natural medicine and supplementation. And that you take the opportunity to not only buy this amazing product… but to become distributors as well – enhancing your own personal financial position, and continuing in your stewardship in the care of the people around you…the greater global community and this planet we call home.

To your resplendent health,


Dr. Donald Newman, DDS.